Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blog #3 Schoolteacher

Blog #3 is about Schoolteacher. We see in Beloved, a character that was beyond evil. This character is called Schoolteacher. He managed Sweet Home when the owner died. The owner’s wife had to let Schoolteacher take over the plantation when she was sick and could not take care of things. That is when his “Hitler” type ideas took hold. He was a racist full of hatred for men and women with color. He treated the slaves worse than animals. I can not help but think of the defenseless Jews that were tortured and the displacement of thousands and thousands of families would were never to see their families again, live or dead. That is what it was like for the slaves. They were beaten, tortured and even killed because they were thought of as pieces of property. This is the way Schoolteacher treated the slaves. He orders Sixo tied to a tree and set a fire at his feet. Because Sixo kept singing, Schoolteacher told the others to shoot Sixo. Something else he permitted was allowing his nephews to hold down Sethe while she was pregnant and let them take milk from her breast. To be put down as an animal and have men do that to her is enough to push anyone over the edge. Morrison was able to show some of the savagery that many slaves went through. So much was never discussed. Sethe’s back was opened up and when it was healed looked like a tree growing on her back. Slaves were dismembered, burned, shot, stripped from all of their dignity, and separated from their babies, children, husbands, wives, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, ect...Schoolteacher just seemed to be satisfied only when he caused as much fear and pain as he could. This type of behavior was repeated many, many times during slave times.

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