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Blog #2 The Character Beloved

Blog #2


The most interesting character in Beloved, is Beloved. We learn about her during one of the flashbacks in the book. This book is full of flashbacks which at times can be a little confusing to the reader. Beloved was killed by her mother, Sethe when she was only two. Her mom was so terrified that her children would be taken back to the plantation by Schoolteacher and would live the tormented lives as slaves that she decided to kill them. The two year old daughter was the only one she succeeded in killing. We jump to about eighteen years later to 124. Beloved’s grandmother, Baby Suggs, Sethe, and Denver, Beloved’s sister are living at 124. To begin with we see things happening in the house that are unexplained and later it becomes more noticeable that something or someone is not happy in the form of a spirit. She breaks things, leaves baby handprints, and breaks dishes. Sethe and Denver have accepted the spirit in the house. The two sons who had come to 124 could not handle it and they went away. Slaves from Africa brought with them the ideas that there were spirits of others that would come to their homes so when this “ghost” showed up they did not think it that odd. So, Paul D. arrives on the scene and the “ghost” is not happy. Worse things happen and then all of the sudden a girl shows up. She is about twenty, and Beloved comes to 124 as a being of flesh and bones. When she comes her voice is scratchy from possibly not being used for so long. Her skin is soft like a baby’s skin. Beloved (or so it is thought to be) is having problems with the way she walks and is a little clumbsy acting. I love how Morrison brings the “ghost” or spirit to life. The little girl who was murdered in the past then becomes jealous and then her spirit changes and shows up there at her moma’s house. She is jealous because she sees this man getting her moma’s attention, Beloved can not stand that. When she was a spirit her sister, Denver views her as a sort of friend. Denver becomes even closer to her when she shows up at the house. There are so many details I know I have missed in this because I had to read it so quickly and plan to read it again when I can take my time and really let everything sink in. Back to Beloved, ok, so at this point she wants to get rid of Paul D. so she seduces him. He gives in, which is exactly what Beloved wanted. Sethe had spent her savings on extravagant things for Beloved which forced Denver to go to work. While at work Denver talks to others about her homelife. At this point, Beloved is apparently pregnant or at least looks that way.

“Ella. What’s all this I’m hearing about Sethe?” “Tell me its’s in there with her. That’s all I know.” “The daughter? The killed one?” “How they know that’s her?” “It’s sitting there. Sleeps, eats and raises hell. Whipping Sethe every day.”

The ladies decided something had to be done about Beloved. Again, Morrison impressed me with how she wrote this part. The women go to remove the spirit or Beloved from 124. The women went to 124 with their “Christian faith - as a shield and sword.” The women continue to sing, Ella is in the midst of them and Denver and Sethe join them. Beloved disappears from 124, “Disappeared, some say, exploded right before their eyes.” I was shocked at the ending of Beloved and her stay at 124, but thought it was perfect. I never would have thought that for her demise, if it was actually her demise.

I feel that Beloved stood for so many people who died at the hands of others from the slave passage through to the days of slavery which takes place even today in other countries. To me Morrison may have wanted us to think of their voices that were silenced but wanted their stories told.

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